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Sunglass and Eyeglass Cases

Regular Eyeglass 6"x3"                   Large Sunglass  7"x3"

** Current Stock **and Order Here*       

  • Large size for wraparound sunglasses Regular for standard eyeglasses
  • Protect your lenses with soft leather   
  • Available in Leather and Suede 
  • Drawstring closure 
  • Many colors to choose from
  • Regular or Large 12.95
  • Shipping and handling each order $5.95  
  • Spend $40.00 and we ship for FREE
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Elbow P


Buy Gloves, Mittens, a Scrabble or Gamer bag, Elbow Patch kit, Billfold, Bookmark, Coaster, Sunglass case, or Mouse Pad in Genuine Leather and Suede. Special orders on  Elbow patch kits available . Free Shipping on $40.