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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are the patches perforated?  No. Patches can be hand sewn or machine sewn.

2. May I return patches?  Yes, follow procedure in   Return Policy

3. Will the colors match?  The colors are very close matches to a properly calibrated monitor. Most modern monitors represent the colors reasonably well, but it depends on you particular model and adjustment.  

4. Are the patches washable? Yes, but some care must be taken. Hand wash in mild detergent (Woolite best) at moderate temperatures and smooth out leather and let air dry. Suede may be renapped by lightly brushing.

5. How are items shipped? Most are shipped USPS First Class. Heavier packages may be Priority Mail or UPS/Fedex

6. When can I expect delivery? Most orders are shipped the same or next day. East coast then will be 2-3 days west coast 3-5 days. If an item is out of stock, the customer will be notified ASAP for instructions.

7 Do you Export and are there extra charges?  We Export to almost all countries without additional cost. European delivery is generally about a week or less, but, some countries process US Postal Envelopes through customs in a "deliberate" manner. It is not uncommon for a Canadian shipment to arrive in 3 days to 4 weeks, 2 weeks seems to be the norm!!

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Elbow Patches

Buy a Scrabble or Gamer bag, Elbow Patch kit, Billfold, Bookmark, Coaster, Sunglass case, or Mouse Pad in Genuine Leather and Suede. Special orders on  Elbow patch kits available . Free Shipping on $40.